Ready or not, it may be time to downsize your possessions, whether you are moving, simplifying your life, or “aging in place.”  Organized Inside and Out can patiently work with you as you assess your items, make a plan for reducing your possessions, and implement the plan.

Services include sorting, packing, mailing, recycling, selling, and hauling.  If a move is involved, preparation for the move and referrals for moving services are available.

People With Psychological Or Physical Challenges

Organized Inside and Out is trained in how to conduct professional organizing sessions with teens and adults with chronic disorganization, hoarding disorder, depression, and other challenges. (And we will gladly collaborate with the client’s therapist.)

We are also experienced in helping people with new or longtime physical challenges.

There is always a way to make every person’s home a manageable and pleasant environment.


After 25 years in public education, Debbi Bertolet is comfortable creating a presentation or workshop for most any audience! From 20 minutes to three hours, what would your group like to study and discuss? Presentations can be tailored to your needs.

Some basic topics are:

  • The Basics of De-cluttering and Organizing Your Home
  • What Should I Do With All This Stuff?
  • The Basics of Hoarding and Helping People Who Hoard
  • Paper Paper Paper: How to Organize and Manage the Piles
  • Planting and Pruning in the Arizona Sun